About this website

Blindsight.co.za is a collection of interesting things I’ve encountered over the years in books, on the Internet, and elsewhere.

The name for this website was inspired by one of my favourite neurological concepts, and one of my favourite science fiction books, both of the same name. The former is the weird ability of some people who have functioning eyes but are cortically blind, to still react unconsciously to visual stimuli. The latter is an exploration of how consciousness can actually be detrimental to intelligence.

Reality is a fascinating place, and often things aren’t as they seem on the surface.

For example, did you know that some blind people can still react unconsciously to visual stimuli?

Or that your brain is constantly editing the blood vessels found on your retina, out of your visual field so they don’t interfere with what you’re seeing?

On this website, I aim to highlight some of those deeper things, with references and links for further reading. Some of it will be original content, much of it will be me just organizing my collection of notes.

As far as possible I will focus on rational, realistic, science-based content, not speculation, fantasy, memes, or other fluff. If you think one of the articles on this website doesn’t fit this filter, please let me know.

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