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Ryan Holiday on Stoic Optimism

Ryan Holiday is the author of “The Obstacle is the Way”, a manual for approaching the obstacles we face in life and flipping them into advantages. In this TEDTalk he [ … ]

How reliable is your memory?

Studies have shown that much of what we consider to be “memories” are actually reconstructions, and that certain techniques can actively cause people to reconstruct false memories that seem completely [ … ]

Imagining the 10th dimension

For most of us it’s difficult to imagine a world consisting of more than three spatial dimensions (and one time dimension) – our brains are often simply incapable of easily [ … ]

Why we say “OK”

Most of us use the word “OK” every day without really thinking about what it means or where it came from. Back in the 1830’s, young people in Boston, Massachusetts, [ … ]

Why beautiful things make us happy

Although it can be hard to define exactly what beauty is, it’s something we can easily recognize when we see it. Our instinct for beauty probably evolved from recognizing patterns [ … ]

Aerated sand moves like water

If you move air through a container of sand in just the right way (called a “fluidized bed”), the sand starts acting like a liquid. The air moving through the [ … ]

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