10 Random but interesting facts

In time I may write separate articles for some of these, but for now here’s this week’s list of random but interesting facts:

  1. More planes were destroyed in World War 2, than there are currently functioning in the world.
  2. The scale of the solar system and the spaces inbetween the planets is so huge that it cannot be accurately portrayed in a book or on a poster. This website shows what the scale would be if Earth’s moon were the size of a single pixel.
  3. On the other hand, if you were to line up all the planets in the solar system next to each other, they would fit into the space between the Earth and the Moon.
  4. If the world had the population density of Manhattan (New York), all of the world’s population would be able to fit into New Zealand.
  5. In the deepest part of the oceans, you can find single-celled organisms the size of a grapefruit.
  6. The Marianas Trench is 11.27km deep (the deepest we’ve discovered on the ocean floor), while Mount Everest is 8.8km tall. We’ve only explored about 5% of the ocean floor so far though, so there may be deeper trenches out there.
  7. A shuffled deck of standard playing cards has more possible arrangements than there are atoms on Earth.
  8. When you look up at the stars, you are literally looking back in time (sometimes millions of years) because of how long it took the light to reach us. Because of the distances involved, even when you look at our Sun you’re seeing it as it was 8 minutes ago, not right now.
  9. Cleopatra lived closer in time to the first lunar landing than to when the Great Pyramids of Giza were built.
  10. If you only have children of the opposite sex that you are, you have broken a lineage that has existed all the way back to the beginning of your family tree.
  11. Tyrannosaurus Rex lived closer in time to the modern day (66 million years ago), than to when Stegosaurus lived (150 million years ago).
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