What food used to look like before genetic modification

There are some people out there who are aggressively against GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods, and this is usually due to a lack of understanding of the underlying science.

Modern GMO methods are very precise and allow us more fine-grained control over the genes that are changed to make food more pest-resistant, more nutritious, etc, but we’ve been using less-precise methods of modifying food organisms for thousands of years already through selective breeding.

This 17th-century painting shows what watermelons looked like 300 years ago.

Here we see a photo of a wild banana.

Modern eggplants are elongated and purple, this is what their ancestors looked like.

Ancient carrots weren’t orange, and had forked roots as shown here.

While modern corn cobs are cylindrical and have large kernels, ancient corn looked like this.

And it doesn’t stop here – there are literally thousands of plants and animals that we’ve genetically modified over the centuries to better suit our needs, and even some new ones we’ve created by randomly bombarding existing plants with radiation.

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